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My daughter, Lily, is an amazing artist. She draws. She paints. She creates. When she makes me something, she is very proud of the results and her masterpiece usually ends up somewhere on my fridge for a period of time. Today, she painted a beautiful painting for me — filled with all the the colors of the rainbow. She said, “Look, Mommy! It’s you!” In it’s most natural & honest way, she depicted me. It was given to me by one of my favorite people on this planet. Even though it was a picture of me, it will always be her work. I wouldn’t change it for the world. If I did change it, it would most certainly devastate her. And I wouldn’t dare hurt my daughter. I proudly display her artworks on my fridge, on the tack board and in her baby book so I can (& she can) remember them when she is older, just the way she made them at age 3. This is the same scenario for a client/photographer relationship. I choose a photographer because I admire their work and want to proudly display it.


Like my daughter, I am an artist – a painter, a designer and a photographer. My work is a representation of me — in the most honest & organic form. When someone pays me to be their photographer, they are asking me to represent them in that moment of their lives. Because years down the road, they will look at these photographs and want to say “That’s right. That was us. ” Good or bad. In this age we live in, the most desired end-product is the digital copy. They get taken to a lab by the customer and the work involved in getting prints is placed on the customer. This is the reality of photography-land. Just like my 3 year old’s paintings, it should be required to get a print — hang it on the fridge (frame) or places in the baby book (album) for generations to come. The digital print of my work may not always be available — but if taken care of, the piece of paper will be.


Photography is art through the photographer’s lens. The camera is the paint brush. Without the painter (photographer), the painting would not be recognizable. This is the same scenario with photography. It is not the camera that makes the photograph. It’s the photographer changing the aperture. It’s the photographer recomposing the shot. It’s the photographer communicating with the subjects. The camera is a tool. If I gave two of the best cameras to two people — one having no experience with a DSLR and the other being a professional photographer — I guarantee the results of those pictures would be art, but very different looking.

Even though Lily gave me that painting out of the kindness of her little heart, I would have paid her for it. It is a treasured representation of her at 3. As your photographer, I like to believe that you chose me because  you want an accurate depiction of YOU in your life. And you chose me because you simply like the way I capture that natural honesty in your life. That’s why I do this.





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