Casey & Cenna

One of the most joyful parts of my job is photographing my family. I LOVE recording milestones for my family members. If you have kept up with my blog you would have seen that I am capturing a lot of moments for my brother & sister-in-laws and now their new addition, Cenna. We did some portraits at the top of their stairs at their home when she was pregnant. I thought it would be very fitting to do some more after Cenna was born. They turned out so wonderful and I was able to catch one of those loving moments that are only shared between a Mother and her baby. We also did some breastfeeding portraits which are too personal to share on my portfolio. But I would like to tell you how passionate I am about breastfeeding and how I will always, ALWAYS be up to the task of capturing a beautiful moment of a woman bonding with their baby through the art of breastfeeding. It’s a photograph you will treasure, and your baby will one day treasure, for the rest of your life. Below are my two favorites from the afternoon. All my love to Cory, Casey and Cenna.

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