Hammond Family

Back in August, I was searching for a photographer to take a few family photos so that I could update my frames in my house before my daughter’s first birthday party. As a photographer, it’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on photos when you could just take them yourself. But I was in a predicament and really wanted to BE in the photos with my family (and I didn’t want to use a tri-pod). So, I contacted a few different photographers in the area along with Misty Hammond. She was in a similar boat as me. After a few text exchanges, we came up with the idea of trading our services — she would take my photos and I would take her photos and we wouldn’t charge each other. After several bad weather days and cancellations (from both her and myself) we FINALLY were able to meet at Davis Beach in Apple Valley one bright and early Sunday morning! Thank you Misty for helping me out with my photos. Below are a few of yours that I liked the most. Enjoy!

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