Thank you to everyone who has contacted me to do photography over the last couple of months. It’s been very busy! But it’s time well spent for me. After expanding our family from one baby to two babies last year, my time has literally been cut in half. It’s not as easy to hop on the computer and edit pictures like I used to — unless of course I don’t mind having a toddler behind me pushing her feet onto my back saying “Mommy what are you doing?” every half a second and a seven month old squealing just to hear herself make a new noise for the first time while she plays in her round-a-bout. *Sigh* This is my life. And I love it! This is usually my “Mommy Time” and I am completely OKAY with it. A big shout out to my husband who watches our girls so I can have this time, with you. He is pretty amazing.

Next thing I wanted to say was SORRY! For those of you who actually read my blog, I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping it up to date like I used to. I am in the middle of renovating my website — if you haven’t noticed yet — and I haven’t even found time to complete my portfolio section yet. I need to make time. I need to make time. I need to make time. The good news is that I am fairly good about keeping Facebook up to date.

Last thing I wanted to say is, I am really Happy. You all know who you are — thank you for uplifting my soul and revitalizing my spirit. To everyone that I’ve taken pictures of over the last few years, it’s been a blessing to meet each and everyone of you. Just thinking about you makes me smile!

Below are a few of my favorite pictures from over the last couple months. Enjoy!

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