Website Launch

Today I wanted to share some exciting news. I launched a new portfolio website this week for the photography I’ve been doing over the last year. I am very happy to finally have a web URL showcasing some of the best work I’ve done so far in my career. It’s exciting times! I’ve been trying to pull off a digital portfolio for years and years. I actually had two websites before this one, but ended up disliking the results or cancelling my domain/hosting accounts. I am very proud of this website. It’s current, trendy and easy to maintain. If you haven’t already visited it (I announced it on Facebook earlier this week) I encourage you to check it out.


You will find information on my 2012 pricing & appointments, a bio on myself along with stories on my style and inspiration. There is also a section for my portfolio with some of my most current work and a testimonial feature page.

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