Wind & Beauty

Last week, an epic vision came into my head of a beautiful woman idolizing her growing belly while in the middle of a field with the wind blowing fabric all around her. Big vision. Big idea. I think it stemmed from taking photos of my pregnant sister-in-law and how much I adored the outcome of her portraits.

I really like the idea of a strong, beautiful woman being so vulnerable in an open space admiring and completely captivated by the moment of feeling her child move within her body. I miss those subtle movements of my daughter. I really just wanted to capture a single, beautiful moment in time. SO, I checked the radar and as if it was meant to be, the following day was WINDY – cold, but WINDY. It felt like a sign. I contacted my friend Kerra who is in the home stretch of her pregnancy and asked her if she’d be up for it. We had already planned maternity photos at her house the following day anyhow, so we just bumped up the day so it was the day with the WIND.

Kerra did an amazing job, and my vision in my head became a beautiful reality because of her help. Thank you SO very much to Kerra for braving the cold and wind. Below are just a couple of the many beautiful results of the day. Enjoy.

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