I made an announcement on Facebook yesterday, but I also wanted to take a moment and blog about my exciting news! My husband and I found out in early February that we are expecting our second baby, which makes us a family of 4 now! Our daughter is still pretty young and doesn’t fully understand what is happening, but whenever we say “Where is the baby?” she pulls Mommy’s shirt up and points to my belly. She is so sweet! We are so excited for her to have a sibling to share her life with. We aren’t hoping for any certain gender, just a healthy & happy little baby like last time.

We are just finishing up our first trimester, so we are due in October. I will be continuing my lifestyle photography all the way up to October, so please contact me if you are interested in portraits. I will still work as a pregnant lady 🙂
Thank you to everyone for their kind words on Facebook. We are so overjoyed! We love being parents. It’s the best job in the world!

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