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All of my life, I have been a creative person seeking creative outlets. It was my Dad who fueled my desire to be an artist from an early age. I liked the idea of looking at a concept in a way that no-one else was able to see it. This takes me back to a day in the 90’s.

My Dad and I were sitting at the dinner table with blank sheets of paper. He drew two dots about a ½ inch apart from one another right in the middle of a blank sheet of white paper. As I was waiting for him to continue his drawing, he stopped and looked at me and said, “I’m done. What do you think this is?” Puzzled, I responded with a shrug. His answer will stick with me for the rest of my life.

“It’s a polar bear in a blizzard.”

It might seem silly to you, but to me, it wasn’t just a polar bear in a blizzard. It was my Dad telling me that I didn’t have to view the world like everyone else. I didn’t have to conform to the other kids. I could be different. I could be unique and if I was able to see that polar bear, then I was able to do anything with my life. Seeing that polar bear opened doors for me. That is only one of the many reasons I love my Dad. He gave me permission at that moment to be, me. (My Dad might tell you today that it really was just a polar bear.)

From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to be an Artist. I liked the idea of surprising people and inspiring them with my imagination. In middle school, I more specifically laid out my life by deciding on Graphic Design as my intended career.

Then came college. I enrolled in a technical college and began a degree in digital media design which is a mash-up of everything – print design, typography, web design, video production, animation and one of the most influential aspects of my degree – PHOTOGRAPHY. I was hooked. I had found another creative outlet that I enjoyed immensely.

I have a been a professional graphic designer for years but this year I am finally taking the semi-professional step forward as a photographer. It’s a daunting step these days especially when everyone and their mother claim to be a professional photographer. I don’t want to be in that group or associated. I want to be set a part from the fauxtographers. I want to treat people, shoot people and print photos for people the way I would expect them (and I have high expectations).

I have had many opportunities in the last few months that I am grateful for. I am looking forward to growing as a photographer just as I have as a graphic designer.

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