My Food Art Project

My husband and I went to Europe a couple of years ago. It was AMAZING! An experience of a lifetime. I hope we’re able to return in the next several years. Anyhow, we went to Ireland for 10 days and took a “Pub” tour. We visited so many pubs and bars. There was one in particular that stood out the most to me, though. It had hundreds of vinegar bottles and hundreds of black and white photos of peoples faces. It was a fascinating little pub. A vinegar bottle is a decorative glass bottle with fruits and/or vegetables filled with vinegar to preserve the contents. So, I told Curtis that as soon as we bought a house, I wanted to do something like this.

Finally, after two years living at our house, I’ve been re-inspired and found the time to do this to our kitchen – but when I go to find these bottles, they are no where to be found on the Internet. I couldn’t believe it! So, I had to to make them, which was fun and probably cheaper than buying them from a manufacturer. Below is a picture of half of the wall with the vinegar bottles on my newly built & painted shelves. It’s been a slow process, but our house is slowly turning into our own.

Top row, left to right: Red peppers, habenero & serrano peppers, lemons, carrots, grapes
Bottom row, left to right: Brussel sprouts, red radishes, green onions, red radishes

If my house starts stinking, I’ll know I didn’t hammer the quark in good enough!!

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