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Good afternoon to all of you beautiful people that read my blog. I feel like this is becoming a trend of mine to apologize for not blogging in a while in each post.  I’m sorry.  A few weeks ago, my husband and I made a big decision. We decided that it was time for me to be a WAHM — (Work at Home Mom) — It has been a decision we have been treading on for about a year now. Finally, I took the leap and resigned from my day job and I am now a full-time mommy and entrepreneur. We sent in our paperwork to register our business LLC with the state of Ohio and have a hearing for our zoning at the beginning of October. After that, we will be getting a transient license and moving forward with our lives as business owners. The goal is to dedicate more time to you and this awesome service I provide with me skills I’ve acquired over my 30 years of life.  We are very excited. I will be providing photography and graphic design services.

There will be more information that I will be getting to you soon, but until then, enjoy some of my latest work.

Have a great day!

IMGP4257b IMGP4552 IMGP4945

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